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Pocatello Flooring offers an engineered wood floor installation service. You may be wondering what exactly engineered wood floors are? Engineered wood floors are a natural wood floor that instead of being composed of one solid piece of wood consist of two pieces. The bottom layer of the engineered wood plank is typically made of plywood, while the top layer is a thin piece of natural hardwood.

Engineered wood flooring can be installed using various methods. A typical glue-down method is often used to install engineered wood floors as well as nail down and lastly a floating installation may be possible. Your flooring specialist can help you determine the best installation method available to you based on the type of subfloors that are within your home.

Working with flooring professionals will ensure a flawless engineered wood flooring installation. Pocatello Flooring here in Pocatello, Idaho is experienced in engineered wood installation services and can assist you in outfitting your home with stunning new floors. Working with a professional installation team will ensure that you will have the stunning floors throughout your home.  

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